General criteria for admission

Lincoln International Academy welcomes all families, no matter their constitution, who are interested and willing to share the School Educational Project and actively collaborate with the education and development of their children.  Through a transparent and objective process, respectful of the participants and beyond the student as an exclusive individual, Lincoln International Academy, looks towards families committed and aligned with the school’s Philosophy and Values: joy, honesty, respect, responsibility, discipline and perseverance.  In the admissions process, families will be assessed as a whole: parents, family representatives and students.

Vacancies available in each level

Chicureo Campus

Play group menor:  52 vacancies
Play group mayor: 50 vacancies

Lo Barnechea Campus:

Play group menor:  52 vacancies
Play group mayor: 50 vacancies


Applicant requirements, records and presentation of documents. 

Age requirement:
Play group Menor: The applicant must turn 2 years old by March 31st 2024
Play group Mayor: The applicant must turn 3 years old by March 31st 2024.


The application process for the year 2024 will proceed according to the following format:


  1. Procedure and dates:
  • Contact de admission office by email
    Lo Barnechea:
    or filling in this Form, and you will have a first meeting and a visit to the school.
  • April 3rd – April 14th:  application on-line through the following link.
  • After the application is finished you will receive the time and exact date for the admission tests and parent’s interview.
  • Parent’s interview: April – online
  • Students’ evaluations: April 27th and 28th  (one day).
  • May 3rd and 4th: results will be given by email.


Records and documents to be presented:

  1. The parent must complete the form available online in the school web page.
  2. Attach the applicant’s birth certificate.
  3. Declare knowing the different stages and characteristics of the process with the code they receive by e-mail once the on-line application is ended.


The applicants will be submitted to the following tests: 

There is a group evaluation of all the applicants. In this opportunity, we measure factors such as social interaction, psycho-motricity, socio-emotional area, etc.

1. Individual written questionnaire (to be completed in person at school)
2. Personal interview with both parents together (to be done in the school in person).

Evaluation criteria:

  • General behavior during all of the admission process.
  • Active participation of parents in the upbringing.
  • Family commitment with their role as educators.
  • Alignment with the Educational Project and the School Rules.
  • Alignment with family-school values
  • Respect and encouragement of diversity
  • Compulsory attendance of parents to all of the admission process instances as required. Unexcused failure of one or both parents and/or representative to attend to any of the required instances, will be understood as their withdrawal to apply and thus will be deleted from the admission process.



School Educational Project

Download School Eductional Project

It is important to inform that Lincoln International Academy has a program for children with special educational needs.  However, the maximum percentage of students with different capacities that the school can handle as such and per level is of a 10%.