Playgroup and Preschool

The objective of this cycle is to maximize the capacities and abilities of our children of ages between 2 and 6 years old in a diverse and friendly environment. The main focus is academic excellence, bilingualism and education in values by at all times living our guiding principle “Undoubtedly our best”.

This cycle seeks to stimulate the areas of development necessary to be able to face the challenges that are presented from an early age. Critical thinking is promoted, deep learning and language while enhancing at the same time interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, autonomy and initiative.

Our daily schedule is based on a planned routine with a pedagogical intention through play and educational activities, developing the artistic, academic and motor area based on our own curriculum which includes subjects such as English, Mathematics, Sciences, Art, Music and Physical Education that cover the MINEDUC plans and programs.

Each course is run by two child specialists along with the support of preschool assistants in the lower levels.

This level has a cycle coordinator and academic coordinators who ensure the proper functioning, organization and educational management of the cycle.

Playgroup and Preschool schedule:
Monday through Thursday:  07:50-13:00
Friday:  07:50-12:45

1st. to 3rd. Grade

As of the first grade, our curriculum is based on the MINEDUC Plans and Programs, with the exception of English for which we have our own bilingual integral program, the student being the protagonist of his own learning.

We focus in providing the student with an environment of care and affection in which he can develop all of his intellectual, social and emotional abilities.

In the first grade, each one of the classes has two head teachers that are permanently in the room so as to ensure that the reading-writing process and more scholarly teaching is fully accomplished.

As of second grade the classes are in charge of one head teacher and the subjects are taught by specialized teachers of the area.

This cycle works with an integral bilingual curriculum that seeks to promote creativity and research along with developing in the child the motivation for learning through diverse and specific activities related to each matter.

The objective of these levels, is to maximize the capabilities and skills of our children in a diverse and friendly environment. The main focus is the academic excellence, bilingualism and training in values while at all times living our guiding principle “Undoubtedly our best”.

Elementary school schedule
Monday through Thursday:  07:50-15:50
Friday:  07:50-12:45

4th to 8th grade

The entrance into Middle School is a very important stage for our students because it represents the transition from childhood to teen-age, increasingly independent and self-sufficient, which implies major changes due to the stage of development they are in.

In this cycle, our students begin to develop higher learnings and skills, consolidating the autonomy and tools necessary to face increasingly ambitious challenges towards the end of it. They are also active participants in an arduous study program, being rigor, responsibility and honesty values that are permanently instilled throughout their development.

The students face the great majority of their class hours in English, strengthening the bilingualism characteristic of our school each day further. Likewise, our professional team works together to ensure that each student develops their highest potential through academic programs that motivate and drive knowledge, problem solving, critical thinking, language skills and mainly love for knowledge, science, literature and the arts.

Along with the above, a complete outdoor education program is developed that seeks to strengthen values and the integral development of our students, highlighting the outing to Portillo and the trip to the north, activities both that have the objective of facing situations that lead them to reflect on teamwork and the value of friendship and companionship.

All of the above allows our students at the end of this cycle to handle a strong level of the English language, a strong mathematical and linguistic base, scientific research skills and to have explored their artistic abilities, which will allow them to begin their high school with confidence and enthusiasm.

4º to 8º grade school schedule
4º to 6º: Monday through Thursday:  07:50-15:50
7º to 8º: Monday through Thursday:  07:50-16:30
Friday:  07:50-12:45

High School

The entrance into High School is a crucial stage for the students as it means a transit and preparation for an important change in their lives.

The students are faced with more specific subjects and they can expand and deepen their previous knowledge acquired throughout their school career. The possibility to opt for electives according to their interests in 11th and 12th grade, benefits and enriches their process, providing them with tools and meaningful learning experiences while also empowering and strengthening their autonomy. The high school student is a bilingual student with a high level of oral and written skills in both Spanish and English. With the purpose of contributing to the integral development of the student throughout high school, different activities and outdoor education are carried out. The study tour to the north of the country is relevant as an instance in which the students will get to know this part of Chile through activities that promote values such as solidarity, perseverance and love. Likewise, events such as the Musical and Winter Concert which enable the students to develop team work abilities.

The pedagogic work in this cycle, as well as in the rest of the school, is carried out by a highly qualified teaching team committed to the learning of its students and a deep love for what they do, which is manifested in the great affection that our graduates have for their teachers.

All of the above permits the students to face College with an excellent base in terms of oral expression, critical thinking and bilingualism, which goes in hand with a high level of autonomy, responsibility and discipline.

High School schedule
Monday through Thursday:  07:50-16:30
Friday:  07:50-12:45