Infant School – Kinder to 2nd Grade

In the pre-school levels our day is based on a planned routine with a pedagogic intention through games and didactic activities, in which the motor, artistic and academic areas are developed based on a curriculum of our own which includes subjects such as English, Mathematics, Sciences, Art, Music and Physical Education and, with the exception of English,  covers the plans and programs of the MINEDUC. As of First Grade our curriculum follows  the  MINEDUC plans and programs, with the exception of English, for which we have our own integral bilingual program in which the student becomes the protagonist of his own learning.

Our focus is to provide the child with an environment of care and affection in which he can develop all of his social, emotional and intellectual abilities.

In First Grade, each of the classes has two head teachers who are permanently in the room so as to ensure that the reading-writing process and more scholarly instruction is fully accomplished.

As of the second grade the courses have one head teacher in charge and the subjects are taught by specialized teachers in the area.

This cycle works with a comprehensive bilingual curriculum that seeks to promote creativity and research along with developing in the child the emotional motivation for learning through various specific activities related to each subject. The objective of these levels is to maximize the capabilities and skills of our children in a diverse and friendly environment. The main focus is the academic excellence, bilingualism and training in values while living at all times our guiding principle “Undoubtedly our best”.

Infant schedule:
Monday through Thursday:    07:50-13:00
Friday:  07:50-12:45


Elementary School – 3rd to 5th Grade

When the students enter the Elementary section, they will face new and big challenges and will acquire greater autonomy and responsibilities.

This cycle has a maximum of 3 classes per level, in charge of a head teacher. The subjects are taught by specialized teachers in the area. We have bilingual teachers for the scientific-humanistic area subjects.

Our integral bilingual curriculum seeks to promote in our students the abilities that will allow the development of creative, critical and metacognitive thinking, in order to enable them to solve problems autonomously, achieve meaningful learning,  promoting  team work and allowing the students to be protagonists of their own learning. Also, since 5th grade our students are provided with a personal computer with programs to work in the  different  subjects that help to develop the maximum individual potential of each student.

Our curriculum is based on the MINEDUC Plans and Programs, exception made of our own program for English.  As a school we seek the integral development of our students, additionally boosting values such as respect, discipline, honesty, perseverance and love. Through diverse activities such as Outdoor Education we encourage the experience of values and attitudes in a transversal way to the subjects allowing our students to develop companionship, friendship and respect for nature, among others.

Elementary school schedule
Monday through Thursday: 07:50-13:00
Friday:  07:50-12:45


Middle School – 6th to 8th Grade

High School – 9th to 12th Grade

The entrance into High School is a crucial stage for the students because it implies a transition and a preparation for an important change in their lives.

In this cycle, our students are active participants of a tough study program, rigor, responsibility and honesty being the values that are impressed in a permanent manner throughout their development. They begin with the consolidation of learning and superior skills reaching the autonomy and tools to face increasingly ambitious challenges, such as the entrance into the 9th grade. It is then that the students begin to face more specific subjects and can expand and deepen their previous knowledge. Then, the possibility in 11th and 12th to opt for electives according to their interests,  benefits and enriches their process, providing them with tools and meaningful learning experiences, while boosting and strengthening their autonomy.  By the end of the process, our students manage a high level of oral and written skills, in English as well as in Spanish, an excellent ability to solve problems and a great level of critical thinking which are evident in the various areas of knowledge.

With the purpose of contributing to the student’s integral development throughout this cycle, diverse artistic and outdoor activities are carried out. To be highlighted the trip to the Small North, the field trip to the Big North of our country, musical shows, among others.  All instances whose aim is to promote values such as solidarity, perseverance, team work and love.

The pedagogic task in the cycle, as in the rest of the school, is carried out by a highly qualified teaching staff, committed to the learning of their students and a deep love for what they do, which is manifested in the great love our graduates have for their teachers.

All of the above allows the students to develop and build an excellent base in terms of oral and written expression, critical thinking and bilingualism which goes together with a high level of autonomy, responsibility and discipline.

High School schedule
Monday through Thursday: 07:50-16:30
Friday:  07:50-12:45