Educational Principles



In collaboration with the family, first and main educational instance of their children and in a joint effort, it is our educational goal to promote beings interested in learning, open to the world, integrated, hardworking, creative, tolerant, self assured, capable of loving and respecting their peers and others; in a cozy and familiar atmosphere, promoter of excellence and demand, who integrates all of the professional, administrative and auxiliary staff.



Provide each student with a solid bilingual education in the fundamental skills: language, Reading, writing, calculus and sciences, from the Pre School education until the High School, so as to insure the correct use of the english language and an excellent and rigurous academic education until his graduation.



Develop in the students the love for the arts and for nature.



Help the students to develop corteous and tolerant attitudes and of mutual respect towards their fellow men and to those who surround them. Make them acknowledge all honest work that is carried out responsibly.



Develop in the students high ethical values, of work and integrity.



Develop metacognition and flexible, creative and original free quality thinking in search of constructive solutions that arise in daily life.



Awaken in each student an interest to overcome the systematic and investigative learning especially in the scientific, humanist and cultural environments.



Encouraging the student toward a good use of his liberty by accepting the responsibility for the consequences of his own behavior.



Create awareness that we live in a world of constant changes.



Develop responsibility, civil duties and love for the planet, respecting and searching to know about diverse cultures and lifestyles.



Develop in the students love and respect for life.



Develop students that have the capacity to participate in a healthy sport competition and strengthen their abilities in this area.



Develop love for outdoor life.