Lincoln International Academy is a family school founded in 1976 by Mr. Robert G.Seaquist (1917-1999) and his wife Mrs. María Verónica Caroca (1946-2022). At the beginning it was located in the commune of Providencia (Luís Thayer Ojeda #939).

Robert G.Seaquist founded the school with a vast experience as a teacher for over 30 years, with a Master and a PHD in Education. He was the school’s Headmaster until 1986. Verónica Caroca had 12 years of experience as an Elementary School teacher with a Degree in English and a Master in Curriculum and Administration. She was the Head of the school from 1986 until the year 2000, leaving this post and her teaching duties at the age of 49.

Since 1980 the school is located in the commune of Lo Barnechea (Av.Las Condes #13150) and in the year 2006 inaugurated the campus in Chicureo (Calle Seaquist #100).

Her son John Seaquist, works in the school since the year 1994 and took over its direction in 2001, and who is actually fully dedicated and committed to continue the legacy of his parents. He is the Headmaster of both Campuses.

Lincoln International Academy is a private educational institution that provides a bilingual high quality and personalized education to young students of Chile and of other countries, in all levels from Playgroup to Twelfth grade. Among its graduates today we can find successful students and professionals in Chile and abroad.

One of the school’s main purposes is to educate happy children, in a highly demanding and totally bilingual environment with great human quality and much affection. With more than 30 generations of graduates, it can be said that this goal has been achieved.

The world today is highly demanding in the most diverse areas, it is necessary to be prepared and have the tools to deal with the changes and difficulties that may arise. As a school Lincoln International Academy is committed to provide its students with the tools that will enable them to develop successfully in whatever reality they may encounter. Extensive training complemented by an optimal management of English and the ability to perform at the highest academic and professional level in the future, ensures its graduates a successful integration in the field of their preference at a national or international level. However, all this is of little use if not combined with an emotionally rich environment in which the happiness and emotional well-being of the students is the fundamental objective.

We invite you to get to know each other and be part of Lincoln International Academy. We invite you to share the form of educating and the tradition of so many years of experience in education.