School Rules

Lincoln International Academy is an educational institution founded on its values, committed to the overall development of its students and to the quality of its teaching services. In the quest to reach its goals, a set of School Rules have been created, to be acknowledged and assumed by each one of the members of this institution in order to establish clear internal relations and to norm the duties and rights of each of the members of this educational community: administration, students, teachers and parents. For the development of our Educational Project, it is essential and necessary that our internal relations be based on the achievement of the norms established herein.

These School Rules endeavour the identification with our foundational values, with our now long and rich history, with our educational precepts, with our disciplinary structures, with the symbols that distinguish us, with our hierarchical and pedagogical order, and with all of that which gives us a philosophical and formative brand. The richness of Lincoln International Academy’s principles is the basis of our daily work and of our mission as educators. We call all of the participants in this institution to honor the fulfillment of this code of rules which can be known here in detail. We extend this invitation especially to the students, centre of our educational mission, and to the parents, co-responsible for their children’s academic process.