For LIA love is commitment to oneself, to the other, and to all that we do.
For LIA love is the original source of all principles and the motor that should lead the whole community towards the achievement of each of it goals.



For LIA joy is the capacity to live life with optimism based on hope and an attitude of faith. It is the search for the positive in each of the situations and to try to learn from them. It’s Carpe Diem. It is to believe that everything happens for a reason. It is to give oneself to life.



For LIA honesty is the love and the fight for truth. It is to always and in every circumstance act with loyalty, properly, with integrity and fairness, consequently and coherently with oneself and with others.



For LIA respect is to be considerate and deferent with oneself, to the other, to the environment, to life. It is being polite, careful, kind and tolerant.


For LIA responsibility is to acknowledge and accept the consequences for present or future acts. It is to fulfill the obligations with oneself, with others and with the environment in which we live. It is commitment.



For LIA discipline is the observance of the laws, orders and norms as established to maintain order and peace. It is the capacity to be hard on oneself in order to achieve goals and conducts set by others or self-imposed. It is will power and restraint. Responsible autonomy.



For LIA perseverance is the conviction and the commitment to go forth in pursuit of a goal or objective with firmness, effort, passion and self-overcoming.