Kinder to 10th Grade Admission



Lincoln International Academy welcomes all families, no matter their constitution, who are interested and willing to share the School Educational Project and actively collaborate with the education and development of their children.  Through a transparent and objective process, respectful of the participants and beyond the student as an exclusive individual, Lincoln International Academy, looks towards families committed and aligned with the school’s Philosophy and Values: joy, honesty, respect, responsibility, discipline and perseverance.  In the admissions process, families will be assessed as a whole: parents, family representatives and students.


Kinder to 10th Grade Admission

The admissions process for Kinder to 10th grade is held only in case we have vacancies for those grades. Please contact the admissions department for further information.

Lo Barnechea Campus:

Chicureo Campus:

The application process for the year 2021 will take place as of July 1st until August 31st. The link to access the form and enrollment process,  after you have confirmed the vacancies for the required level, is:

Lo Barnechea:


The interviews and admission tests will be held as of Septembrer 2020.​



Records and documents to be presented:

The parent must complete the form on line available in the school web page. (link available during the admission process)

Attach the required documents

Declare knowing the different stages and characteristics of the process with the code they receive by e-mail once the on-line application is ended.

Proof of 2UF payment on-line.



The on-line payment of 2UF is required in order to complete the process and be admitted as an applicant. This fee corresponds to the right to participate in the full Process of Admission.

The above fee is a non-refundable amount in such cases as withdrawal before the process begins, during its development or of a non admittance situation as well.



Download School Eductional Project

It is important to inform that Lincoln International Academy has a program for children with special educational needs.  However, the maximum percentage of students with different capacities that the school can handle as such and per level is of a 10%.