Did you know our alumni succeed and are recognized abroad, performing as top leading professionals? Learn more about the case of our alumna Ana María Nieto, who works today for one of the most important designers in the fashion industry of the United States…

Ana went backstage with her team to dress up Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, who were waiting along with many other models for the photo sessions and the fashion show. It wasn’t her first time: she had already worked with them in some of the collections she has collaborated in for Alexander Wang. Once finished they went to the sites where the big event would take place to put the final touches.

Earlier, that Saturday had already started a bit hectic. By the morning Ana had to focus on some pending tasks and didn’t have much time to take a break. It was only by noon when she could finally put all her attention to the Spring-Summer 2018 fashion show in the framework of one of the most important worldwide events in the industry: the New York Fashion Week.

The show began around 7.30 p.m. A special bus took the models along with the designer Alexander Wang to the three different sites in which the fashion show took place: two in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn, all in a period of three hours. Inside the bus a live stream through Facebook was done meanwhile they traveled from one location to another.

Once they arrived to one place they were already focusing on the next stop. The event was carried out in public sites, therefore Ana and her coworkers had to make sure nothing would go missing and if something went wrong their backup plan was already thoroughly checked.

Luckily for her the crowd enjoyed and was delighted by a show that played out just as planned. Later that night she finally could relax a bit and enjoy the after party of the fashion show, which had many famous people invited – like Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner- and performances of contemporary music artists such as ASAP Ferg, Carty B and Ashanti.

Photo: Jake Benrubi

Ana María Nieto has nearly two years working as a footwear designer in Alexander Wang, one of the most exclusive brands in the new wave of fashion in the United States. Sometimes the workload is too heavy, but she is happy and has lots of challenges ahead. “To be honest every day is different, there is never a routine to follow”, explains the alumna.

The path to get there was not so easy. Daughter of Colombian parents, Ana studied in Lincoln International Academy from 2nd grade up to 12th grade, graduating in 2009. According to her, the experiences and lessons she had in our school helped her to always aspire for more.

She then went on to study fashion design in Universidad del Pacífico but by a year and a half she felt she needed a bigger challenge. “Out of mere curiosity I decided to apply to Parsons The New School for Design. I wanted a good education in fashion and I thought it would be incredible to be in New York”, reveals Ana. After a long and complex process of application and various project presentations, she was accepted.

Suddenly her life had changed completely. She was living by herself in the Big Apple, studying in one the best schools of fashion design in the world. The requirements were high, and so were the expectations. The former Lintac student remembers the tremendous effort she gave to learn and improve her skills to move forward in such an aggressive and competitive environment. Perseverance, resistance, motivation and a solid support network helped her graduate with excellence as a designer from Parsons in 2015.

Today Ana has worked in more than 10 collections with Alexander Wang and has her own brand, n+positif, with a vision of the contemporary woman that has ideas and concepts that contrast. She says it’s a very demanding world but when looking back she values what she learned during her time in Lintac. “The school always had a strict and structured method, that gave me a good training that I keep using up to this day”, confesses our alumna.

Photo: Jake Benrubi

For the next years her wish is to stay in New York and continue at her job in Alexander Wang. From then on she would like to explore other options and maybe further on she sees herself working on the brand of her father to strengthen the area of footwear, her field of specialization.

Below you can appreciate some photos of Ana’s work. To learn more about her you can check her interview for Old Lincolnians here as well as her website http://n-positif.com/

Congratulations Ana, we are very proud that you are representing us abroad!