5° to 8° Grade

In this level, the students are taught towards the love of learning, in the respect to their teachers and to life itself, working alongside with their peers. Education is given in English in order to obtain the minimum achievements.

The class hours run from 07:50 in the morning until 15:50 for 5th and 6th grades and until 16:30 for 7th and 8th. Furthermore, the students develop a demanding study program with a wide variety of extracurricular activities all of which enable them to receive an integral education.

Our professional staff works together to insure that each student develops his/her highest potential through the academic programs that motivate and prompt knowledge, the resolution of problems, critical thinking, idiomatic abilities and mainly the love for knowledge, the sciences, literature and the arts. Alongside with the above, the school has implemented a new high technology computer lab in order to connect our students to become participants of the global village. For this a net of wireless antennas has been installed to allow the students to connect worldwide instantly. Lincoln International Academy encourages investigation as a source of knowledge and of the metacognitive processes (learn to learn). We have many activities to which the whole school must attend in order to achieve this.