The pre-school educational program includes children ages 4 to 6 in Pre-Kinder and Kinder. Each class is under the leadership of two child specialists.

For this cycle we use a cognitive curriculum which develops itself in an integral way so as to favor a social, emotional and physical growth in an environment that provides the possibility to interact with other children and open spaces for curiosity. All of this in a bilingual surrounding in which the children acquire the appropriate contents for their age by playing, thus helping their maturity and personality, respecting the individualities of each one.

In pre-School a daily routine enables the child to find his place in space and have respect for individual and team work. The teacher makes activities directed to develop the cognitive and language areas. In addition the children have special classes such as art, music, computer and physical education; all of which are given by special teachers.

The pre-school works in a specially designed, secure and protected area.