From Wednesday, October 4th to Friday 6th we will celebrate our school’s 41st anniversary. For this reason, throughout these days we will have many amusing activities organized in school alliances such as Assemblies, sports competitions, games, dances and many more.

The school teams will be divided in “DC and Marvel”. The class division of each faction (PG to 6th) is showed in the image below. Students from 7th to 12th grade will be equally distributed by each classroom. Lists have already been published in the bulletin board of the school.

Additionally, during these days we will have the traditional Spirit Week with the participation of the students, which means that they must come dressed up according to the following:

  • Wednesday: Pajama’s and sports activities day

On this occasion students must bring sneakers, as well as mouth guards, shin guards and a hockey stick for those sports that require these objects.

Also, given the high temperatures, students must bring a jockey or a hat, sunblock and water to avoid dehydration.

On Wednesday, October 4th and Thursday, October 5th, training sessions of sports teams and “escuelitas” will be suspended given the celebrations of the Spirit Week.

  • Thursday: Costumes or clothes that are related to the school alliance (DC or Marvel)
  • Friday: Accessory and/or festive hat.

Along with this, and like every year, students from Playgroup to Kinder will have a traditional piñata. Each one of them will include candies, birthday surprises and percussion objects like rattles, trumpets or tambourines.

We cordially invite you to motivate your children to participate in these fun activities with which we will celebrate the school’s anniversary and the traditional Spirit Week!