The trip to the “Windy City” was full of visits to eye catching places and thrilling moments. One of their first stops was in the middle of Chicago’s side of Lake Michigan, where hundreds of different species and thousands of aquatic animals marveled the sights of everyone in the Shedd Aquariam. Afterwards, they enjoyed a fun boat tour through the lake and the channels of the city.

During these two days they also went through places such as Millennium Park, the Art Institute, Cloud Gate (The Bean) and Skydeck (Willis Tower), where they enjoyed an incredible view on the top of one the world’s tallest buildings! “We had this great opportunity to go and see and learn so much not only of Lincoln’s life but also of the history, art and culture of the whole world”, states Miss Ilse Altermatt.

Once in downtown Chicago, students were given three hours of freedom to explore the city by themselves. Nobody watching over them, asking for explanations or telling them what to do. In groups of three and four, they were free to go shopping and discover whatever they wanted. “This trip definitely helped us become more independent, to learn how to be by ourselves”, explains Javiera Fernández (9th B, Chicureo).

Dining out in different restaurants was also a big highlight. Exquisite seafood, delicious local sandwiches, deep dish pizzas and big size tacos were just a few of the foods that this Lintac’s group tasted in this journey. Alfonso Pinto (9th B, Lo Barnechea) sure does remember eating well on this trip. On the night they went out for a barbecue, he told John he didn’t feel too good so he couldn’t join them. “I said we would buy some soda next door, but we actually went for some burritos and tacos. When we came back we hid them well with our arms, so that Sir John wouldn’t notice”.

After having a blast in Chicago, the next stop in the Lincoln’s Route was Washington D.C.: the American capital and heart of landmarks and historical sites. Ford’s Theater, The White House, museums and various monuments like Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial were the places they visited. All in one day.

These high school students were eager to learn. They would wake up before sunrise and usually wouldn’t go to bed before midnight. “Every day we would learn something new and there wasn’t one day where we would have a bad time”, says Josefa Viotti (10th B, Lo Barnechea).

They always had with them a study guide to finish for every place they went that was linked with Lincoln’s life and work. Sir John was proud of their doing, since they were representing the values of our school.

Lincoln’s Route continued to Gettysburg, entering its final phase with many exciting moments yet to come…