The day started off with a flashback to the civil war that divided the United States in two in the 19th century. The visit to Gettysburg´s National Military Park made the students realize the huge damage this major conflict did, as well as recognize the enormous task that Lincoln had of uniting all under one nation.

Afterwards, the group made a short trip to Baltimore. Even though they did a fast tour through the city they made room for attending a baseball game at the Orioles’ stadium, living a genuine American experience!

That same night they traveled back to Washington D.C. Lincoln’s Route was reaching its final days and Sir John was still not aware of something. Like many other nights during this trip, the students ordered delivery food to their rooms. Alfonso Pinto (9th B, Lo Barnechea) remembers that time in Washington when they had ordered 120 nuggets from McDonald’s along with, French fries, beverages and ice creams. “I think the delivery boy ripped us off with 20 nuggets, because I only counted 100.” Even though the door was closed the others found out and everyone ended up in that room. “When I came in I saw boxes, lots of chicken nugget boxes”, recalls Rodrigo Meza (9th B, Chicureo), who enjoyed that night’s feast as well.

It seemed to turn out as any other fun activity in which everyone was involved, yet someone was missing. “I found out later (coming back to Chile) they did this almost every night, and I was never invited!”, says Sir John laughing.

In their final visit to Washington, this Lintac’s group was left in much awe with places such as Iwo Jima monument, Mount Vernon, Alexandria or the National Museum of American History (Smithsonian Institute). When they arrived to Arlington Cemetery, they were able to see historical tombs such as the one of John Kennedy or Robert Todd Lincoln, the son of Abraham Lincoln.

Finally, they had a special dinner on a boat touring Potomac River while watching a wonderful sunset with a striking view of Washington. It was a time to reflect upon what the trip had meant so far. Looking back, Rodrigo Meza (9th B, Chicureo) thinks they learned a lot, although there is one thing he values the most: the healthy relationships they developed. “At first everyone would hang out with their own groups, but in the end there was just one big group.”

On the last day the students visited one of the most important buildings in the country: the U.S. Capitol and the Library of Congress.

To finish off, they had a very emotional experience in the Holocaust Museum, dedicated to remember those who suffered and lost their lives in the concentration camps of World War II. “The children even had the opportunity to talk with a Holocaust survivor and be aware that something like this can never happen again in the world”, explains Miss Ilse Altermatt.

Following that solemn moment, the high school students headed for the airport. Curious enough, on the way back home to Chile they almost missed the flight. Almost. Nobody seemed to know what happened this time, but at least they made it.

After days full of thrilling activities, exciting moments and amazing stories, Lincoln’s Route had come to an end. “It was really good to do this trip because not only do you learn and discover, you also see the history of the school reflected in the history of this important president”, says Josefa Viotti (10th A, Lo Barnechea). Sir John Seaquist also thinks this was a very unique and meaningful journey: “It is something the students will value in the future. Traveling this way, with classmates, teachers and Headmaster is something that probably won’t happen again for them. This was to open their eyes and make them see new perspectives, to learn and to keep growing.”

Although it’s just over, it won’t be for too long. Lincoln’s Route will come back with next year’s group of Lintac’s high school students. Stay tuned.