Throughout the year Paula Labrín has stood out in the different running competitions she has participated in. Today, our Social Studies teacher is very happy and motivated for qualifying to next year’s version of the Boston Marathon. It isn’t just a simple footrace. It’s about one of the most traditional and prestigious competitions worldwide, forming part of the 6 World Marathon Majors. Not everyone makes it. Despite all the enthusiasm and funds one might have, only those who have a certain time below the established qualification mark can participate.

In April Miss Paula finished the Santiago Marathon in 3 hours and 21 minutes, managing to do so in 10 minutes less than the required to qualify to Boston in her category. In September she applied and during these days she received an e-mail indicating she had been accepted to participate in this prestigious competition to be held on April 16th, 2018. “My goal is to lower my mark and do it in 3 hours or less”, explains Miss Paula. Starting from January of next year she will begin a special training plan to prepare for this marathon. It will be a great opportunity: it is the first time she will participate in an international footrace. “Obviously I will give my best to represent the school, because I feel part of the Lincoln family!”

Congratulations Miss Paula for this great achievement, we wish you much success in what is coming up!



With unique talent and an excellent performance on stage, Isidora Ruiz (5th C, Chicureo) had an outstanding participation in the Music Festival of Santa Cruz School of Chicureo. By singing “I have nothing” of Whitney Houston, our student achieved 3rd place in the 5th to 8th grade category. This festival has 7 years inviting schools from Chicureo, gathering the best performers of the sector in all categories. Also, Isidora is currently being formed as a singer in the Luis Jara Academy. We wish to congratulate her and distinguish her great achievement and talent!



We wish to distinguish Ignacio Meneses (5 th C, Chicureo) for the exceptional year he has had in the national competitions of Triathlon. With his recent victory in Rapel – where he obtained the gold medal – our student currently is 1st place in his category (ages 10 to 11) in this important tournament of our country. The triathlon race consists in three trials of different disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. These are done in order and without interruptions when passing from one to another, pushing competitors to their limits.  With great sacrifice and sportsmanship, Ignacio was able to overcome these trials and outstand on a national level. Congratulations, we are very proud with what you have achieved!



Commitment, perseverance, effort and humility. This is how Miguel Tomé (9th A, Chicureo) showed all his class and triumphed in the Pan American ATA (American Taekwondo Association) 2017 in Perú between October 4th and 8th. Our student obtained two gold medals: one in the Sparring category and the other one in Formula. With this, he managed to qualify to the world championship of Taekwondo to take place in the United States in 2018. Miguel stood out representing our country in this competition, demonstrating the results of the hard work and sacrifice he has given during this time. Congratulations to him and his family for this great achievement!



We congratulate Camila Tapia (3rd C, Lo Barnechea) for her outstanding results in these past weeks. On October 7th she participated in the fourth metropolitan round of the Federation of Figure Skating. On this occasion our student obtained first place in the “básico-pre infantil” category within 30 participants by unanimous decision of the jury. A week later, she repeated the gold medal in a new round of the LIFORPA league in her respective category. Congratulations Camila for your incredible performance and tremendous achievements!