John F. Seaquist Caroca

Is the Headmaster of Lincoln International Academy since 2001, he works at the school since 1994, and is an alumnus of the generation 1990. He is an English American Literature Teacher graduated of Universidad Católica de Chile, and today, he is the school headmaster, giving his total dedication to Lincoln International Academy. He is married and has three children.

John F. Seaquist Caroca
John F. Seaquist Headmaster

Paloma Méndez

Director of the Chicureo campus since 2015. Lincoln International Academy graduate of the Class of 2001. Graduated as Clinical Psychologist in 2007, Universidad Católica de Chile. In 2010 Postgraduate in Clinical Psychotherapy of Universidad Diego Portales.
Joined Lincoln International Academy in 2008 up to date. Lived in Australia during 2002 working in the educarional area. Married, 2 children.
Is actually studying a Master in Dirección y Gestión Escolar at Universidad del Desarrollo.

Paloma Méndez
Paloma Méndez Director of Chicureo Campus

Guillermo Correía Cerón

Academic Director at Lincoln International Academy since 2018. Graduate of the Class of 1994. Works in the school since 2015.
Ingeniero Civil de Industrias of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and highschool teacher with a degree in mathematics, more than 10 years of experience in college education management. Has 3 children in the school.
Is actually studying for a Master in Dirección y Gestión Escolar in the Universidad del Del Desarrollo.

Guillermo Correía Cerón
Guillermo Correía CerónAcademic Director


The Principal's job is to coordinate, assist and help make work easier for the staff and school in general. They make sure that the school’s objectives are reached, regarding the plans and programs as prescribed by the Ministry of Education. They also deal with academic problems as requested by parents and students.

Paz Schonhaut
Paz Schonhaut

Principal PG to 2nd Grade

Principal Assistant:

Maria José Rozas
+562 2496 7671

María José Herreros
María José Herreros

Principal 1st to 3rd Grade

Principal Assistant:

Patricia Rojas
+562 2496 7669

María José Mery
María José Mery

Principal 4th to 8th Grade

Principal Assistant:

Magali Navas
+562 2496 7696

Silvia Méndez
Silvia Méndez

Principal 9th to 12th Grade

Principal Assistant:

Nadine Birnbauer.
+562 2496 7650

Cycles and Courses

<br>Playgroup and Preschool

Playgroup and Preschool

The objective of this cycle is to maximize the capacities and abilities of our children of ages between 2 and 6 years old in a diverse and friendly environment. The main focus is academic excellence, bilingualism and education in values by at all times living our guiding principle “Undoubtedly our best”. This cycle seeks to stimulate the areas of development necessary to be able to face the challenges that are presented from an early age. Critical thinking is promoted, deep learning and language while enhancing at the same time interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, autonomy and initiative. Our daily schedule is based on a planned routine with a pedagogical intention through play and educational activities, developing the artistic, academic and motor area based on our own curriculum which includes subjects such as English, Mathematics, Sciences, Art, Music and Physical Education that cover the MINEDUC plans and programs. Each course is run by two child specialists along with the support of preschool assistants in the lower levels. This level has a cycle coordinator and academic coordinators who ensure the proper functioning, organization and educational management of the cycle.

Daily schedule:
Monday through Thursday: 07:50-13:00
Friday: 07:50-12:45

<br>1° to 4° Grade

1° to 4° Grade

This elementary section has two groups per level with one homeroom teacher in charge of all the subjects with the exception of those with special teachers such as Art, Spanish, Physical Education, Religion and Music. Each group is formed by a maximum of 28 students. A Helper is added for the 1st. grade. Every subject is in charge of specially qualified teachers. This cycle deals with a bilingual integral curriculum in search of enhancing creativity and research along with developing the child’s motivation towards learning by ways of concrete activities related to each subject. The small number of students per group allows us to have a very homely climate not only in school but in each level as well, providing the child with a safe and affectionate environment in which he/she can develop their intellectual, social and emotional abilities.

<br>5° to 8° Grade

5° to 8° Grade

In this level, the students are taught towards the love of learning, in the respect to their teachers and to life itself, working alongside with their peers. Education is given in English in order to obtain the minimum achievements. The class hours run from 07:50 in the morning until 15:50 for 5th and 6th grades and until 16:30 for 7th and 8th. Furthermore, the students develop a demanding study program with a wide variety of extracurricular activities all of which enable them to receive an integral education. Objectives Our professional staff works together to insure that each student develops his/her highest potential through the academic programs that motivate and prompt knowledge, the resolution of problems, critical thinking, idiomatic abilities and mainly the love for knowledge, the sciences, literature and the arts. Alongside with the above, the school has implemented a new high technology computer lab in order to connect our students to become participants of the global village. For this a net of wireless antennas has been installed to allow the students to connect worldwide instantly. Lincoln International Academy encourages investigation as a source of knowledge and of the metacognitive processes (learn to learn). We have many activities to which the whole school must attend in order to achieve this.

<br>High School

High School

Entering high school is a crucial stage for the students because it means a transition and a preparation for an important change in their lives. Students are faced with more specific subjects and can broaden and deepen previous knowledge acquired throughout their school career. The possibility of opting for electives according to their interests in 11th and 12th grade, benefits and enriches the process, providing tools and significant learning experiences as well as enhancing and strengthening their autonomy. The high school student is a bilingual scholar with high level oral and written abilities in Spanish as well as in English. With the purpose of contributing to the student’s integral development during the high school period, diverse artistic and outdoor activities are scheduled. The field trip to the North of Chile stands out: the students get to know that part of the country with activities that promote values such as solidarity, perseverance and love. Likewise, events such as the Musical and the Winter Concert, permit the students to develop teamwork abilities. The pedagogical work in the cycle, as in the rest of the school, is carried out by a highly qualified teaching staff, committed to the learning of their students with a deep love for what they do manifested in the great love that our graduates have for their teachers. All of the above allows the students to face higher education with an excellent base in terms of oral and written expression, critical thinking and bilingualism, which goes in hand with a high level of autonomy, responsibility and discipline.

Teacher's Departments

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English Department

Science Department

Social Studies Department

Math Department

Music Department

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