A very special week was lived in our school. Contests, games, a variety of costumes as well as students and teachers cheering and rallying for their respective alliances in each trial they had in front of them. These where some of the things that could be seen in the corridors and hallways of both campuses in the traditional Spirit Week that took place in our school between October 4th and 6th, in the celebration of Lincoln International Academy’s anniversary. For this year alliances were organized under the theme of publishers of comic books Marvel and DC.

Happy Birthday Lintac!

Students and teachers arrived in pajamas. Probably someone outside saw them come in and thought they had just got out of bed and forgot to dress up to go to school. However, they wouldn’t have been close to being right: it was Pajamas Day in Lincoln International Academy and, far from coming to sleepover in classes, students and teachers arrived full of energy and with a tremendous enthusiasm to start off the Spirit Week.

From them on they began the first day with a variety of activities in which both alliances – DC and Marvel- competed head to head. In the gym, the trials of City and Live took place, while in classrooms different contests such as Mental Math, Spelling Bee or Telephone were organized. Sports competitions were also carried out on this day. Each class played exciting and entertaining matches of football, volleyball and hockey as well as participated in thrilling races of field and track. It wasn’t just Pajamas Day, it was also Sports Day and our students showed all their sportsmanship to score the most amount of points possible.

Both in Chicureo and Lo Barnechea campus, DC and Marvel presented their respective videos for their alliances, with a brief live performance. The hard work and creativity was reflected upon the different scenes, greetings, challenges and jokes that were prepared and shown on this occasion. The cheering and ovations followed immediately after. The leaders of each alliance were in charge of motivating their teams to stand up and support with a lot of enthusiasm.

Our students from Playgroup to Kinder also took part of this special celebration by parading along their piñatas. With the help of their teachers, each class presented beautiful and colorful piñatas in front of the whole school.

The atmosphere was that of a true festival and it was all due to one thing: Lincoln International Academy’s anniversary. Without doubt the most special moment was when both campuses gathered all together to sing its 41st birthday. Our Headmaster John Seaquist gave an emotional speech- first in Chicureo and afterwards in Lo Barnechea- about our school and the meaning of the 4th of October, the date of its foundation. Also, with much pride Lintac’s anthem was sung by everyone.

The DC and Marvel costumes take over Lintac

In each corner of both campuses one could see a Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman or Capitan America. If someone walked through the school’s corridors more than one Joker or Harley Quinn would appear, and if one turned back one could find themselves with Ironman or the Invisible Woman. No student or professor missed the chance to dress up for the second day of the Spirit Week and feel likea true superhero or villain.

Alliance presentations were performed by both Marvel and DC in front of the entire school. Beautiful flags, exciting dances and thrilling shows entertained the whole Lintac community present at that moment. No one wanted to be left out and everyone seized the opportunity to show their different costumes.

The day continued with a variety of typical trials for this occasion. Gymkhana, Run and Sing, El Comilón, Tug of War and Musical Chairs were a few of these activities. Students as well as teachers did everything that was on their reach to score as many points as possible for their alliance. Despite that, they also had many moments to relax and enjoy together the Spirit Week.

On that same day our younger students had a great costume show. From Playgroup to Kinder, the children walked through their courtyard showing to their misses and classmates how they were dressed up. It was a very entertaining time in which each one of them exhibited their costume with much pride.

And the winner is…

After intense but very fun days full of activities, the Spirit Week was coming to an end. On its final day, everyone came to school with a festive hat under the theme of Jeans Day, appealing to their creativity to bring an attractive and amusing accessory of this type.

The morning started off at the rhythm of zumba. Our students and teachers danced and competed to see who had the best moves. Also, students had sharing snacks and watched movies in classes. Lastly, the Student Council organized activities to close the Spirit Week.

With a great Assembly both campuses put an end to all the competitions. On this occasion the best cake and piñata were chosen. In Lo Barnechea campus the winner between all the piñatas was “Spiderman” of Marvel, presented by Playgroup minor A. In Chicureo campus, the winner was “Superman” of DC, prepared by Kinder B, D and F all together. After they were chosen, the piñatas were filled with delicious candies to be shared between all the children in their respective playgrounds. We distinguish the excellent job done by our students from Playgroup to Kinder along with their misses. Every piñata was very beautiful and unique!

Finally, the winners of the alliances were declared in each campus. In Chicureo Marvel triumphed with 26,775 points, while DC scored a total of 23,805 points. The leaders of the Marvel alliance were Agusín Urzúa (11th A) and Catalina Díaz (11th B) while the kings were Domingo Allende (10th A) and María Ignacia Zabala (11th A). For DC the leaders of the alliance were Magdalena Muñoz (11th B) and Lucas Grez (11th B) and they had as kings Benjamín Morales Ruíz (10th B) and Magdalena Muñoz.

In Lo Barnechea campus DC obtained 43,700 points, beating Marvel’s score of 43,400 points. The leaders of the DC alliance were María Ignacia Varela (11th B), Gabriela Zazo (11th B) and Juan Federico Morel (11th A), while the kings were María Ignacia Varela and Tomas Fuchslocher (11th A). For Marvel, Javiera Gajardo (11th A) and Felipe González (11th A) were leaders of the alliance and Camila Salazar (11th A) and Mario Larrea (11th B) were the kings.

Spirit Week was definitely a very entertaining and thrilling time, in which students and teachers showed all their enthusiasm to celebrate the school’s anniversary.

Happy Birthday Lincoln International Academy!

Lintac celebrates Teachers’ Day!

A magnificent Assembly was held in both campuses on Thursday, October 12th in which each teacher was received by their students with a standing ovation, appreciating their everyday work. Awards were also given away to recognize those who have done an exceptional job this year.

The “Gerardo Sanhueza Award” is an important distinction that acknowledges excellence in our teachers and is given since 2015, in honor of our beloved former mentor Gerardo Sanhueza. This year this award was given to Miss Elisa Padilla in Lo Barnechea and Miss Carmen Gloria Díaz in Chicureo. You can check out the special articles we prepared for both teachers in the following links:

Miss Elisa Padilla – Lo Barnechea

Miss Carmen Gloria Díaz – Chicureo

There was also was a special recognition to every teacher from each department who stood out this year due to their great teamwork, tireless effort and dedication to the integral formation of their students, succeeding in representing the ​​school values.

To close the celebration of Teachers’ Day, on Friday, October 13th a great cocktail and brunch was set up for our staff in Chicureo campus. Everyone enjoyed and seized the opportunity to appreciate one another’s job in a special and relaxing mood.

Congratulations teachers for your everyday work, commitment and dedication in forming our students!


First Communion in Chicureo

This unique event for our 5th graders from Chicureo campus began with the Crosses Ceremony on Thursday, October 12th, in which they also heard a meaningful speech from our Headmaster John Seaquist. Two days later, they had their First Communion in the Santa Faustina Parish of Chicureo, accompanied by their parents and their Religion teacher. It was definitely a very emotional and special day for our 5th grade students.