Lintac celebrates the Chilean National Holidays

With a “cueca” presentation by some teachers along with activities inside the classrooms, games, typical food, Assemblies and a great civic act the school celebrated the Chilean National Holidays.

It all began on Monday, September 11th at Chicureo campus, to continue on Wednesday 13th at Lo Barnechea, and end on Friday 15th. In both cases, the celebrations began with two Assemblies: one in which students of Infant participated, and another one in which Middle School and High School took part. Both activities were carried out at each campus by the Social Studies and Music Department, and in it, the students made entertaining cultural presentations. In addition to this, the traditional “cueca” dance was performed by the teachers Claudio Abett and Miss Andrea Urra in Lo Barnechea, and by Miss Macarena Jaure and Héctor Sepúlveda in Chicureo.

In both campuses students of the Infant level performed popular folklore songs according to each part of the country, passing through the themes of the northern, central – such as the song “Mazamorra” – and southern zone of Chile. It was a great presentation!

At Chicureo, the Assembly of Middle School was in charge of the 8th graders. They narrated the story of a student who travels to the independence period of our country, in which there is an opportunity to visit a Fonda and a Mapuche community. In this Assembly they also interpreted “Arauco tiene una Pena” and “El Sacristán“, both songs of Violeta Parra, within the framework of the commemoration of her 100 years.

In the case of High School, the students represented Violeta Parra’s journey to a future without history, in which – with the purpose of rescuing the national sentiment – our beloved Violeta interprets ,along with the band formed by students of 9th grade, the songs: “Qué he sacado con quererte” and “La Consentida“.

At Lo Barnechea, students from Middle and High School dressed up as journalists and carried out a TV report based on September 18th celebrations over time. In this instance, the 9th graders performed: “La Cueca de los Poetas” by Violeta Parra and “Loca” by Chico Trujillo.

Continuing with the celebrations of the Chilean National Holidays, on Friday, September 15th, our younger students from Playgroup to Kinder enjoyed several activities and games in their classrooms, while 1st to 12th graders attended to a civic act in the gym, which was in charge of the Social Studies and Music Department. Meanwhile, our 10th graders did not leave aside the traditional barbeque and grill in which they shared an entertaining moment with the school selling typical Chilean food.

During the civic act, our students and teachers sang the National Hymn next to the school’s hymn, to then enjoy a speech in commemoration of the Chilean National Holidays, carried out in Lo Barnechea by Miss Antonia Ortega and in Chicureo by Miss Zoí Alexopulos, both heads of the Social Studies Department. In both campuses this act ended with a musical interpretation. In Lo Barnechea the song “Arauco tiene una Pena” was performed by Stella Rosa from 9th A, Ian Borace from 11th A and Carlos Rencoret from 11th B. In Chicureo “La Jardinera” was interpreted by Micaela Higueras from 11th B and María Verdie from 11th A, along with the music teacher Gonzalo Rojas, who accompanied them with the guitar.

A beautiful celebration in which our students and teachers began the National Holidays and the September break, and with them, the national festivity which commemorates the establishment of the First National Government Board, celebrating the independence process of our country and the Glories of the Army.

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A great day in the snow

An entertaining day at the Valle Nevado Ski Center was lived by our High School students from both campuses, sharing with their classmates and teachers on a wonderful day for skiing. From Chicureo, the students were accompanied by Principal María José Mery and the teacher Gianfranco Cavallone, and from Lo Barnechea campus by the Director Francisca Flaño and the teachers Daniela Niemeyer, Claudio Abett and Hernán García.

During this great adventure, students were able to enjoy the exclusive tracks of one of the largest ski areas in South America.

This traditional field trip is organized annually by the Student Council in coordination with the school and on this occasion 80 students assisted from Lo Barnechea and 60 students from Chicureo.

It was definitely a special day for them, in which they had a great time in one of the most popular Chilean attractions during the winter season.

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Back to school after September Break

After enjoying the long awaited National Holidays break our students resumed classes, ready to finish the second semester along with their peers and teachers. We remind you that we still have some great activities coming up before ending this academic year.

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Acroyoga for our Seniors

In both campuses our 12th graders enjoyed an activity especially prepared for them by the DAI Department. The objective was to create a recreational and relaxing atmosphere for our students to reduce any possible stress that they could have only steps away from finishing their school year and facing the PSU exam.

Acroyoga is a sport that helps reduce tensions, strengthen bonds and fellowship between peers as well as reinforce discipline and teamwork, all very necessary tools for the stage our 12th graders are in.

The activity was in charge of teachers Hernán García and Camila Schneider, both part of Lintac’s alumni. Our Seniors did various yoga exercises mixed up with acrobatics in a light and relaxing time.

Without doubt it was a very entertaining activity!

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A historical tour of the Museum of Memory and Human Rights

Our 10th graders from both campuses visited the Museum of Memory and Human Rights of our country, as part of an activity organized by the departments of Spanish and Social Studies. During this visit, our students were able to observe and experience a bit of our history by viewing the register of objects, documents, archive and visual and sound interventions that this museum has.

This activity was carried out under the objective that the students value democracy as the system of government and the rule of law, inviting them also to reflect upon the importance of human rights,” says Miss Antonia Ortega, head of the Social Studies Department.

Inaugurated in 2010, the Museum of Memory and Human Rights is a Bicentennial project designed to give visibility to those cases of human rights violations committed by the Chilean State between 1973 and 1990; giving a space to reflect and debate on the importance of respect and tolerance.

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