Outdoor Education takes over Lintac

Open field, unique landscapes and along the peace and quiet of nature. This has been the atmosphere in which our students have been able to learn about the different places they have been visiting in their field trips in these past weeks.

The 8th graders of both campuses had the traditional trip to Norte Chico, touring places such as Morillos, Valley of Elqui and La Serena. In five days students learned more about the archaeological heritage, historical sites and the distinctive flora and fauna of the area.

Accompanied by their teachers, Latitud 90° tour guides and by Sir John Seaquist, students camped in each stop during every night, living unique and valuable experiences within each class.

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 A week later 2nd grade of both campuses left off to Río Clarillo for a whole day. In this National Park located in Pírque they were able to learn and take a closer look at birds such as the Patagonian sierra finch, the thorn-tailed rayadito or the white-crested elaenia within a unique forest full of peumos, litres and soap bark trees. The students also enjoyed a delicious picnic in a memorable day along Sir John Seaquist, their misses and the Latitud 90° tour guides.

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Our students from Special Needs were left in awe in their trip to the Educational Farm of Lonquén. On November 7th they were able to take a closer look at different animals such as rabbits, cows, birds and goats, in many cases interacting with them. Accompanied by their teachers, they also had the chance to relax through different outdoor activities as a group.

In this way, our students learned more about the local flora and fauna and the characteristics of the ecosystem in a very entertaining atmosphere.

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Next week the field trips in Lintac will continue when the 6th graders visit Portillo during 3 days. In the same lines, 10th grade will be traveling to Altos de Lircay and will stay there for the same amount of days. These exciting trips promise to be a time of a lot of learning and unforgettable moments.


Students recieve counseling in vocational lectures

What’s it all about?  How is it? How do you study it and how are the jobs? These were some of the questions raised by our students from High School who attended to the first cycle of vocational lectures in Lincoln International Academy. On both days (November 2nd and 9th) different professionals – parents and alumni among them – talked about their experiences during their studies and in their jobs.

This activity, organized by the 11th graders of Chicureo campus, also counted with the presence of students from Lo Barnechea and it was a very valuable time to clear doubts regarding the interests in career choice students have as well as counseling the vocation of each one.

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First Communion in Lo Barnechea

In this very special day our students from 5th grade from Lo Barnechea were accompanied by their parents, Religion teacher and the Campus Director. Following the tradition, this unique ceremony took place in the Santa Rosa Parish of Lo Barnechea on Saturday November 4th. On the previous day, the 5th graders had their crosses handed out, being this the last step in preparing for their First Communion.

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