With much surprise she walked through to receive that prize. Everyone was standing up and applauding enthusiastically. Students and teachers were extending their hands to greet her. Except for her, it wasn’t a surprise for anyone that Miss Elisa Padilla received the “Gerardo Sanhueza Award” for Lo Barnechea Campus, the greatest distinction the school can give to a teacher.

This honor, which is given since 2015 for Teachers’ Day, is a tribute to our former mentor Gerardo Sanhueza, whom outstood due to his tireless work in educating and forming our students with academic excellence, marking many generations. “For me it is the acknowledgment to all these years dedicated to the students as a Chemistry teacher and which I deeply appreciate”, she says with much pride.

Miss Elisa Padilla arrived at Lincoln International Academy in 1982 and fondly remembers her first classes, the academic and human relationship and interaction she had with students. 35 years later, for her this aspect still remains in our school and has been a key pillar in her career.

Having marked various generations, Miss Elisa has always outstood due to her excellence when teaching, applying the methodologies learned from important national and international scientific institutions. Today, she is only grateful for having the chance to continue to do what she likes to do the most: teach. “What has motivated me (in my time at Lintac) is to have received the support and confidence to do my job” she explains.

Congratulations Miss Elisa for receiving this unique distinction and thank you for all these years
of teaching our students with absolute commitment, humility and dedication!

Sir Gerardo Sanhueza