The objective of the Art subject is to enable the child to experience the different processes of the making of a plastic work, to finally put together each of the parts to form a GREAT FINAL EXHIBIT.


First Cycle (1st to 4th grade)

In this first cycle of the music education program, the emphasis is given to students to continue increasing their musical repertoire. We work a lot with their singing skills and include melodic and percussion instruments to stimulate their motor coordination. Teamwork and production of artistic messages in our students are also inculcated. Along with this, children acquire knowledge of music theory and music history in a very playful and entertaining way.

Second Cycle (5th to 8th grade)

For this level, the music program principally searches to bring to a higher level. We work in musical groups of various sizes (groups of 4, 10 or the entire course) seeking to improve their vocal technique and skill in interpreting instruments. Once students reach 7th grade, they begin working in “band” format, introducing the electric bass, drums, keyboards and guitars to their musical productions. Successively, the program continues with the theoretical contents and history of music, but considering that the repertoire to be played, depends of this.

Third Cycle (High School)

During the final cycle of the music education program at Lincoln International Academy, our class seeks that our students develop to the maximum their concerns and artistic abilities. They work in the form of band or musical group exclusively in order to make annual presentations to each of the levels of High School. In these presentations, they mix knowledge of all artistic and academic areas in order to carry out projects of high quality and artistic value.