Our teams from each campus participated in a new matchday of the National Tournament, an event that takes place during one whole day and counts with schools that have very competitive squads within the youth hockey leagues.

The girls form the Under 8 category from Lo Barnechea had an unforgettable matchday, showing an extraordinary gameplay. They won their three matches, beating Craighouse School by a 3-0 score, Prince of Wales Country Club 2-1 and Cumbres school by a 9-0 score. We congratulate our Under 8 female squad and their coach Miss Natalia Venegoni for the tremendous performance given!

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Track and Field

Last weekend our team kept the pace and outstood in the Santa Cruz Cup. Also, they participated in the School Tournament of Track and Field – Ex Nestlé Pure Life Cup- , an important competition that gathers various schools in each category and discipline. Our athletes showed all their sportsmanship in these rounds. Below we highlight the following results:


Chicureo campus:

Benjamín Morales – 1st place in long jump and 2nd place in 50m sprint race (Santa Cruz Cup)

Gabriela Correa – 1st place in 80m sprint race (Santa Cruz Cup)

Andrés Refusta- 1st place in 80m sprint race (Santa Cruz Cup)

Zamira Sedán – 2nd place in 80m sprint race (Santa Cruz Cup)

Agustina Allende-2nd in long jump (Santa Cruz Cup)

Lykke Christensen – 3rd place in long jump (Santa Cruz Cup)

Aranzazu Samaniego – 5th place in the finals of the 50m sprint race (School Tournament of Track and Field)

Relay team– 2nd place in the relay race


Lo  Barnechea campus:

Juan Andrés Concha- 1st place in 600m race (Santa Cruz Cup)

Patricia Beltrán- 2nd place in 60m sprint race Santa Cruz Cup)

Amalia Bonvallet- 3rd place in long jump (Santa Cruz Cup)

¡Congratulations to our athletes from both campuses!


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The girls from the High School team had a great matchday in the Saint George Cup. They beat 2-0 San Carlos school and 2-1 Eleuterio Ramírez school in tight games. The female squad showed great sportsmanship to obtain important victories to move up in the group stage table.

In the Soprole UC Cup the teams from Chicureo campus closed their participation. After being defeated in their quarterfinal matches, the Mini category as well as the Infant category won their respective games against San Felipe Diácono, finishing off 5th place in this tournament. We highlight the participation of both categories in this very difficult and competitive cup.

Also, the Mini category won their crucial game against San Nicolás School, qualifying to semifinals in the Camino Albo Cup. Against the same rival but in the respective level, the Premini category could not secure a victory, being eliminated in quarterfinals.

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The squads from Lo Barnechea campus traveled all the way to Rancagua to compete in a new round of the Metropolitan League against the Instituto O’Higgins school. The Under 16 category obtained a convincing victory against their rival, as well as the Under 18. On the other hand, the girls from the Under 14 did not manage to beat their rival despite the great effort given.

The Under 18 team of Lo Barnechea campus will be playing the semifinals of the División Ascenso of the Metropolitan League against Alicante del Sol school on Saturday, November 11th starting from 9.30 a.m. Afterwards, in the same place and day the 3rd and 4th place match will be held as well as the great final. Don’t miss out on these unique matches and let’s go and cheer the girls of Team Lintac!

The squads from Chicureo campus also lived a new round of the Metropolitan League in their respective matches against San Felipe Diácono School. The girls from the Under 14 category gave a great display and won their game against their rival. It wasn’t the same for the Under 16 and Under 18 squads since they lost their matches. However in every moment they showed great sportsmanship and effort.

In the Instituto Hebreo Tournament the girls from the Under 12 category secured a good victory by a 2-1 score against Instituto Hebreo. The boys of the Under 12 team lost against their rival by 2-0. Nevertheless, we highlight that for the first time a Lintac’s male squad of volleyball made their official debut in a non-friendly tournament, marking an unprecedented event in our sport’s history.

Finally, the escuelita of volleyball of Lo Barnechea campus also had action last week during their participation in Juanita de los Andes School, gaining valuable experience in a very fun and entertaining matchday.

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