Outdoor Education

To develop love for nature and outdoor living is one of Lincoln International Academy’s objectives.  With this aim in mind and together with Latitud 90’, since 2016 the school has carried out an outdoor program of studies from 2nd to 11th grade with diverse and amusing excursions, because we are aware that only by knowing their environment and relating to it directly, our children will then become future promoters and defenders of a sustainable Chile.

Rio Clarillo – Level: 2nd grade

This is an amusing trip in which our students learn and develop on teamwork, values and the local flora and fauna. 


Quebrada Macul – Level:  4th grade

Is an educational excursion in which our 4th grade students are able to observe and study the local vegetation, also promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Portillo – Level:  6th grade

In this trip 6th grade students learn about leadership and self-improvement; the water cycle, geography and some important principles of “Leave No Trace”.


Lincoln’s Route – Level:  9th to 12th grade

Our Headmaster is the leader of this wonderful voyage with the high school students, in which they follow the life and works of Abraham Lincoln and have the opportunity to get to know the history of the United States of America by visiting emblematic places up close and the most fascinating places in the life of this ex-North American president and living in first person his important history by treading on his paths.


Study field trip:  San Pedro de Atacama – Level:  10th grade

Exceptional adventure through the North of Chile in which the students achieve a deep contact with the culture and nature of the heart of the Atacama desert through diverse instances. The students are accompanied by the school’s Headmaster, teachers,  and guides from Latitud 90’.


Altos de Lircay – Level:  9th and 10th grade

This is an ecological excursion in which our 10th grade students observe and learn about geographical formations and native plants, along with several teamwork activities.