Physical education and sports are a fundamental axis for the students’ integral development at Lincoln International Academy. A means to reinforce the values of honesty, solidarity, companionship, responsibility, commitment, discipline and respect, in addition to cultivate the importance of team work and fair-play awareness valuing personal effort and perseverance to meet goals and objectives with a desire to excel.

All these values are present in the culture that is lived in the school and contribute both to the development of the students and to the positive coexistence between all the members of their community.

Lincoln International Academy participates in different championships with the corresponding boys and girls’ selections, with its Soccer, Volleyball and Hockey Field teams.

We firmly believe that sport is very important in life and a key tool for the comprehensive training of our students.

Sports mission:

  • Contribute to the comprehensive development of students through sports practice, appreciating the different physical activities for psychosocial growth.
  • Reinforce the school values.
  • Promote a healthy life style and concern for personal and environmental care.
  • Promote team work, fair play and spirit of self-improvement.
  • Encourage our students to enjoy different sports experiences.
  • Awaken and stimulate the interest of students with sports practice, belonging and commitment to school sports (selections, escuelitas and workshops).
  • Undoubtedly Our Best: Do their best, always.


Sports vision:

To ensure the formation of upright students with consistent, tolerant, persevering values and a spirit of self-improvement, being respectful of their peers and their environment while developing important tools for life.