Special Needs

The world we inhabit is a diverse place where people from different cultures, races and religious conditions live together which is why as a school we take care of forming integral students who, from an early age, learn to value and respect differences.

Since its beginnings, our educational institution has always been inclusive, with the purpose of addressing the differences with respect, responsibility and professionalism. A few years ago the Special Needs Education Program was formed. It is divided into three regular mixed and specialized modalities allowing to have a variety of alternatives that fit the characteristics of each child and promote the development of skills of our students with permanent Special Education needs.

The main objective is to provide our students with Special Needs with a true, fair and inclusive option so they can develop their potential in all areas of development, focusing primarily on their autonomy and skills for life. For these purposes, the school has a specialized team of differential educators and specialists from the various development areas that work together with teachers and students contributing in the process of curricular adjustments, carrying out support plans, empowerment of skills through workshops taught in the resources classroom, collaborative work with external specialists and family support thus addressing the development of our students in an integral way.

Among its fundamental principles, Lincoln International raises to form students with a solid vision regarding the concept of diversity.‚Äč